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Antileukemic activity and cellular metabolism of the aryl phosphate derivative of bromo-methoxy zidovudine (compound WHI-07).

The novel aryl phosphate derivative of bromo-methoxy zidovudine (ZDV/AZT) (compound WHI-07, CAS 213982-96-8) was found to be a potent antileukemic agent against human leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma cell lines in MTT and clonogenic assays with low micromolar IC50 values. In addition, WHI-07 was antimitotic, leading to cell fusion and developmental arrest in the Zebrafish model of rapid cell proliferation. WHI-07 was cytotoxic to drug-sensitive (NALM-6, MOLT-3, HL-60, P388) and multi-drug resistant (MDR) leukemia cell lines (HL-60/VCR, HL-60/ ADR, P388/ ADR). Treatment of leukemia cells with WHI-07 showed rapid and dramatic depletion of all cellular nucleoside diphosphate and triphosphate ( NDP/NTP) pools, which would contribute to the overall reduction of nucleic acid synthesis and cell death. WHI-07 was rapidly metabolized to alaninyl ZDV monophosphate (Ala-ZDV-MP), the levels of which inversely correlated with cytotoxic IC50 values of WHI-07. Glutathione was found to mediate the in vitro and in vivo detoxification pathway of WHI-07 to 3'-azidothymidine-5'-p-bromophenylmethoxyalaninyl phosphate and Ala-ZDV-MP, respectively. The proposed intracellular metabolic pathway for WHI-07 involves a thiol-mediated dehalogenation step followed by the paraoxon-sensitive carboxylesterase-mediated reaction leading to the formation of Ala-ZDV-MP as the major intracellular metabolite.[1]


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