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A fatal poisoning caused by methomyl and nicotine.

A 35-year-old male was found lying in a prone position in his room. He was in cardiopulmonary arrest on arrival to hospital and was pronounced dead. There was no attempt at resuscitation. No miosis was observed on admission. At post-mortem his stomach contained 170 g greenish liquid with a small amount of shredded tobacco leaves. The serum cholinesterase activities were 47-90 IU (normal range for male: 200-440 IU). GC and GC-MS analyses showed nicotine (21.8 mg), methomyl (304 mg), and triazolam (1.69 mg) in his stomach. He had consumed tobacco leaves, Lannate containing water soluble methomyl (45%), and Halcion tablets containing 0.25 mg triazolam. Methomyl concentrations in blood were 3-8 ng/ml. Substantial amounts of methomyl (2260-2680 ng/ml) were detected in cerebrospinal fluid and vitreous humor. Nicotine concentrations in blood ranged from 222 to 733 ng/ml. A small amount of triazolam was detected only in bile (176 ng/ml) and liver (23 ng/g). The cause of death was respiratory paralysis produced by the additive effects of methomyl and nicotine shortly after consumption.[1]


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