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Respiratory Paralysis

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Disease relevance of Respiratory Paralysis


High impact information on Respiratory Paralysis

  • The first manifestations of progressive motor neuronopathy in homozygous pmn/pmn mice become apparent in the hind limbs at the end of the third post-natal week, and all the mice die up to 6 or 7 weeks after birth from respiratory paralysis [5].
  • Adult-onset acid maltase deficiency presenting as diaphragmatic paralysis [6].
  • After partial resolution of the latter deficits, she remained quadriplegic, with a C3 level of anesthesia, and in respiratory paralysis until death from complications of a fulminant pulmonary infection [7].
  • Drugs which inhibit cholinesterase activity or which inhibit acetylcholine release or synthesis may produce prolonged respiratory paralysis when combined with succinylcholine [8].
  • A single intracisternal injection of 0.4 ml of 1.25 and 2.5 percent gentamicin sulfate with preservative to healthy adult rabbits caused acute respiratory paralysis and severe seizure activity initially and paralysis of the limbs subsequently [9].

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