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Significance of chemokine receptor expression in aggressive NK cell leukemia.

Natural killer (NK) cell-type lymphoproliferative diseases of granular lymphocytes can be subdivided into aggressive NK cell leukemia (ANKL) and chronic NK cell lymphocytosis (CNKL). One reason for the poor outcome in ANKL is leukemic infiltration into multiple organs. The mechanisms of cell trafficking associated with the chemokine system have been investigated in NK cells. To clarify the mechanism of systemic migration of leukemic NK cells, we enrolled nine ANKL and six CNKL cases, and analyzed the expression profiles and functions of chemokine receptors by flowcytometry and chemotaxis assay. CXCR1 was detected on NK cells in all groups, and CCR5 was positive in all ANKL cells. Proliferating NK cells were simultaneously positive for CXCR1 and CCR5 in all ANKL patients examined, and NK cells with this phenotype did not expand in CNKL patients or healthy donors. ANKL cells showed enhanced chemotaxis toward the ligands of these receptors. These results indicated that the chemokine system might play an important role in the pathophysiology of ANKL and that chemokine receptor profiling might be a novel tool for discriminating ANKL cells from benign NK cells.[1]


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