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Gene context of Lymphocytosis

  • However, the ADA activity and/or the ADA/PNP ratio were consistently higher in the cells from the patients with chronic T gamma lymphocytosis than in those with chronic T malignancy [11].
  • Polymorphism in BoLA-DRB3 exon 2 correlates with resistance to persistent lymphocytosis caused by bovine leukemia virus [26].
  • Additionally, during persistent lymphocytosis, peak IL-2 and IL-10 mRNA expression was delayed, and elevated expression was prolonged [27].
  • All cases showed monoclonal CD5/CD19-positive lymphocytosis, with more than 10% large lymphocytes and/or prolymphocytes in peripheral blood smears and reactivity with FMC7, or bright expression of surface immunoglobulins in a fraction of the cases [28].
  • Although CCND1 expressing SLVL more commonly had marked lymphocytosis, they did not demonstrate a more aggressive clinical course than their negative counterparts, demonstrating that the detection of CCND1 expression or of a t(11;14) should not suffice to alter diagnostic classification in the absence of other criteria [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Lymphocytosis


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