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Palliative intracavitary carboplatin therapy in a cat with suspected pleural mesothelioma.

A 12-year-old neutered male oriental shorthair cat was referred to the Animal Health Trust for investigation of pleural effusion. Ultrasonography revealed marked irregular thickening of the pleural surface of the cranial and caudal mediastinum. Cytological examination of the pleural fluid and fine needle aspirates of the thickened pleura suggested a diagnosis of mesothelioma. Following complete drainage of the thoracic cavity under ultrasound guidance, 180 mg/m2 carboplatin diluted in 60 ml sterile water was infused into the pleural space (30 ml in each hemithorax). This resulted in complete resolution of clinical signs for 34 days (having required thoracocentesis on four occasions in the preceding 4 weeks). The procedure was repeated using 200 mg/m2 carboplatin, and there was a further 20-day period where the cat was free of clinical signs. Further treatment was declined and the cat was euthanased 120 days after initial presentation. This is the first report of successful palliative chemotherapy for suspected feline mesothelioma and suggests that intracavitary carboplatin could be considered in tumours affecting the pleural cavity.[1]


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