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Loss of topoisomerase I function affects the RpoS-dependent and GAD systems of acid resistance in Escherichia coli.

Acid resistance (AR) in Escherichia coli is important for its survival in the human gastrointestinal tract and involves three systems. The first AR system is dependent on the sigma factor RpoS. The second system (the GAD system) requires the glutamate decarboxylase isoforms encoded by the gadA and gadB genes. The third system (the ARG system) requires the arginine decarboxylase encoded by adiA. Loss of topoisomerase I function from topA deletion or Tn10 insertion mutations lowered the resistance to killing by pH 2 or 2.5 treatment by 10-fold to >100-fold. The RpoS and GAD systems were both affected by the topA mutation, but the ARG system of AR was not affected. Northern blot analysis showed that induction of gadA and gadB transcription in stationary phase and at pH 5.5 was decreased in the topA mutant. Western blot analysis showed that the topA mutation did not affect accumulation of RpoS, GadX or GadW proteins. Topoisomerase I might have a direct influence on the transcription of AR genes. This influence does not involve R-loop formation as the overexpression of RNase H did not alleviate the decrease of AR caused by the topA mutation. The effect of the topA mutation could be suppressed by an hns mutation, so topoisomerase I might be required to counteract the effect of H-NS protein on gene expression, in addition to its influence on RpoS-dependent transcription.[1]


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