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Gene Review

rpoS  -  RNA polymerase sigma factor RpoS

Escherichia coli UTI89

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Disease relevance of rpoS


High impact information on rpoS


Chemical compound and disease context of rpoS

  • When tetracycline was present, tetA(C) reduced acid tolerance, suppressed rpoS expression, and increased the concentration of total soluble proteins in stationary-phase Escherichia coli [8].

Biological context of rpoS

  • There were no major differences in the DNA sequences in the rpoS coding regions among the tested strains [1].
  • During the transition from mildly acidic growth conditions (pH 5.5) to alkaline stress (pH 10.2), cell survival was dependent on rpoS functionality [1].
  • The changes in the gene expressions, enzyme activities and intracellular metabolite concentrations of the rpoS mutant are discussed in details with reference to the major metabolic pathways of E. coli [9].
  • Silencing of the Escherichia coli bgl operon is mediated by histone-like protein H-NS and affected by other pleiotropic regulators, including sigma factor RpoS [10].
  • Under starvation conditions, a variety of stationary phase genes are up-regulated under the control of the stationary phase sigma factor RpoS including at least two peroxidases and a protective DNA binding protein Dps [11].

Associations of rpoS with chemical compounds

  • The induction of mdtEF by GlcNAc is not mediated by the evgSA, ydeO, gadX, and rpoS signaling pathways that have been known to regulate mdtEF expression [12].
  • Expression of the first AR system (designated the oxidative or glucose-repressed AR system) was previously shown to require the alternative sigma factor RpoS [13].
  • The alternate sigma factor RpoS was shown to be required for oxidative acid resistance but was only partially involved with the arginine- and glutamate-dependent acid resistance systems [14].


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