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Lessons from Immune 1-3: what did we learn and what do we need to do in the future?

Sprague-Dawley rats were subjected to three 8-to-10 day space flights on the Space Shuttle. Housed in NASA's Animal Enclosure Modules, rats were flown to test the hypotheses that therapy with pegylated interleukin-2 or insulin-like growth factor-1 would ameliorate some of the effects of space flight on the immune system. As part of these experiments, we measured body and organ weights, blood cell differentials, plasma corticosterone, macrophage colony forming units, lymphocyte mitogenic, super-antigenic and interferon-gamma responses, bone marrow cell and peritoneal macrophage cytokine secretion and bone strength and mass. This paper compares some of the immunophysiological parameters of the control animals used in the Immune1-3 flight series and presents data from an animal infection model for use during space flight.[1]


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