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Unique tauopathy in Fukuyama-type congenital muscular dystrophy.

Fukuyama-type congenital muscular dystrophy (FCMD) is characterized by muscular dystrophy and cortical dysgenesis of the cerebrum and cerebellum. We investigated the extent and nature of tauopathy in the brains of 7 postfetal (14-34 years of age) and 2 fetal (18- and 20-week gestational age) FCMD cases. In all postfetal cases, tauopathy was found in the areas of cortical dysgenesis in the cerebrum, in addition to predictable sites such as the hippocampus. In fetal cases, the neuropil of malformed cerebral cortex was diffusely immunostained with anti-aberrantly phosphorylated tau antibodies. By immunoelectron microscopy, the epitope of the antibodies was associated with microtubule-like bundles within cellular processes protruding through disrupted glia limitans. In Western blot analysis, a unique 50-kDa band of tau was detected in a fetal and a postfetal case. In addition, 3 to 4 tau bands of 60 to 68 kD, similar to tau in Alzheimer disease, were also detected in the latter. After dephosphorylation, the insoluble tau from the fetal and the postfetal cases showed highly similar immunoblotting patterns. This anomalous phosphorylation of tau may be related to the development of the cortical dysgenesis in FCMD and may shed light on the biologic function of tau in the development of the central nervous system.[1]


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