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Acute blood pressure effects and chronic hypotensive action of calcimimetics in uremic rats.

A previous study in subtotally nephrectomized ( SNX) rats suggested beneficial effects of the calcimimetic R-568 beyond the control of mineral metabolism. This study analyzed potential blood pressure (BP)-lowering effects of R-568. Male Sprague-Dawley rats received two-stage subtotal nephrectomy or sham operation. Telemetry devices were inserted into the abdominal aorta, and BP was measured every 5 min. R-568 (20 mg/kg per d) or solvent was infused for 4 wk followed by once-daily subcutaneous injections for 2 wk. Total body sodium was measured by neutron activation analysis. The uremia-induced increase of mean arterial pressure from baseline to day 42 in SNX solvent rats (103+/-5 to 128+/-14 mmHg, P=0.006) was attenuated by R-568 (104+/-5 to 111+/-8 mmHg; P<0.0001 for difference of slopes). The circadian rhythm was abrogated in SNX rats and not restored by R-568. In sham-operated rats, R-568 had only a minor transient antihypertensive effect. R-568 injection induced a transient rise of mean arterial pressure by 23+/-4 and 26+/-10 mmHg in sham and SNX rats but only by 9+/-3 and 10+/-5 mmHg in solvent-treated rats (P<0.01 versus baseline and solvent versus R-568). Plasma angiotensin-converting enzyme activity and aldosterone levels were similar; food intake and physical activity did not differ throughout the study. In healthy rats, total body sodium was higher after 14 d of R-568 compared with solvent infusion (37.1+/-4 versus 32.5+/-1.4 mmol/kg; P=0.01). The calcimimetic R-568 causes an initial BP increase in sham-operated and uremic rats, which in uremic rats is followed by a marked and sustained antihypertensive effect.[1]


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