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Differential expression of leukocyte-associated Ig-like receptor-1 during neutrophil differentiation and activation.

Inhibitory receptors containing immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibitory motifs play an important regulatory role in immune cell activation. In addition, several studies suggest that these receptors are involved in the regulation of hematopoietic cell differentiation. Here, we have investigated the expression of leukocyte-associated immunoglobulin-like receptor-1 (LAIR-1), an inhibitory receptor expressed on most peripheral blood leukocytes and on CD34+ hematopoietic progenitor cells, in neutrophil differentiation and activation. We found that although LAIR-1 was expressed on peripheral blood eosinophils, cell-surface expression on mature neutrophils was low, suggesting that LAIR-1 expression is regulated during granulocyte differentiation. Indeed, the promyeloid cell line HL-60 expressed LAIR-1, but the expression decreased during chemical-induced differentiation toward neutrophils. Similarly, in bone marrow-derived neutrophil precursors, the most immature cells expressed LAIR-1, and loss of LAIR-1 expression was associated with neutrophil maturation. LAIR-1 was re-expressed rapidly on the membrane of mature neutrophils upon stimulation with tumor necrosis factor alpha, granulocyte macrophage-colony stimulating factor, or N-formyl-methionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine, indicating that LAIR-1 may also regulate neutrophil effector function. Our studies suggest that LAIR-1 may play a regulatory role in differentiation and function of human granulocytes.[1]


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