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Expression of the basolateral Na-K-Cl cotransporter during mouse nephrogenesis and embryonic development.

We examined the expression of Slc12a2 (NKCC1) transcripts in the developing mouse by Northern blot analysis and in situ hybridization ( ISH) using riboprobes transcribed from a cDNA encoding the transmembrane domain of human Slc12a2. In developing kidney, the 7.5-kb Slc12a2 transcript was expressed at all stages examined (13.5 d.p.c. to adult) but was more abundant in immature metanephroi. ISH revealed that NKCC1 was expressed in both mesenchymal cells and early nephric structures, but not branching ureteric buds, of developing metanephroi. A marked increase in expression was observed in the endocapillary cells of capillary loop stage glomeruli, and high expression was observed in the glomeruli of more mature nephrons. This was in contrast to Slc12a1 (NKCC2), where expression was excluded from the glomerulus. Extra-renal expression of Slc12a2 was examined in 13.5, 15.5, and 16.5 d.p.c. mouse embryos. Slc12a2 was highly expressed in the developing lung, gut, submandibular gland, tooth bud, and nasal epithelium. Slc12a2 expression was also observed in the developing central and peripheral nervous systems, including choroid plexus and trigeminal and dorsal root ganglia.[1]


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