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Evaluation of adenosine deaminase seric activity in the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis.

Determination of seric levels of adenosine deaminase ( ADA), an enzyme produced by monocytes/macrophages and lymphocytes, has been used in the diagnosis of human tuberculosis (TB). In the present study, ADA seric activity was evaluated comparatively to the comparative tuberculin test in the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis. Two hundred fifty-six cattle were classified by origin and by the comparative tuberculin test as TB-positive animals (n = 52, from herds where the Mycobacterium bovis had previously been isolated), and TB-negative animals (n = 204, TB-free herds). The mean ADA seric value from the TB-positive group (4.45 +/- 2.33 U/L) was significantly lower (p = 0.008) than that observed in sera from the TB-negative group (6.12 +/- 4.47 U/L). When animals from a herd with clinical cases of enzootic bovine leukosis of TB-negative group were withdrawn from analysis, the mean ADA seric values of TB-negative group (5.12 +/- 3.75 U/L) was not significantly different anymore from that of the TB-positive group (p = 0.28). There was no agreement in the diagnosis of bovine TB between comparative tuberculin test and determination of ADA seric values, using two different cutoff points, being 6.12 U/L and 15.0 U/L, (kappa = -0.086 and kappa = -0.082, respectively). In conclusion, the determination of ADA seric activity was not a good auxiliary test for bovine TB, because it was not able to distinguish between TB-positive and TB-negative animals.[1]


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