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Tuberculosis, Bovine

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Disease relevance of Tuberculosis, Bovine


High impact information on Tuberculosis, Bovine


Chemical compound and disease context of Tuberculosis, Bovine

  • Group 2 animals were selected from herds undergoing routine surveillance for bovine tuberculosis and contained standard SICTT reactor cattle (PPD-bovine exceeding that of PPD-avian by at least 4mm) and non-reactors [9].
  • Factors identified as possibly involved in increasing the risk of bovine tuberculosis in the Veneto Region were the presence of mixed (dairy and beef) enterprises (OR = 4.9, P = 0.001) and of cattle purchase (OR = 5.8; P = 0.003) [10].
  • The purpose of this project was to determine the effect of dexamethasone (DEX) treatment of tuberculous cows on antigen-stimulated gamma-interferon (gamma-IFN) production in a commercial Mycobacterium bovis gamma-interferon test (gamma-IFN test) developed for diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis [11].
  • Preliminary evaluation of a simple method for detection of bovine tuberculosis: the glutaraldehyde test [12].
  • It is recommended that Lowenstein-Jensen with pyruvate (but without glycerol), Stonebrink's, modified Middlebrook 7H11 and tuberculosis bovine blood agar should be considered the media of choice for the primary isolation of M. bovis [13].

Gene context of Tuberculosis, Bovine


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tuberculosis, Bovine

  • A field trial on a country-wide basis was undertaken to compare the specificity for bovine tuberculosis of single and comparative tuberculin tests in cattle using either Weybridge human or Weybridge bovine PPD [19].


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