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Effect of dihydrotestosterone on serum concentrations of alpha 2u-globulin and on spermatogenesis in melatonin-treated rats.

Adult male rats were given s.c. injections of melatonin (400 micrograms/100 g body weight per day) for 14 days. On day 15, the weights of the testis and accessory sex organs were less, testicular 17 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17 beta-HSD) activity was inhibited, spermatogenesis was suppressed and serum levels of gonadotrophins, testosterone and alpha 2u-globulin were decreased compared with control animals injected with vehicle. In a third group of rats given the same dose of melatonin for 14 days, administration of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) at a dose of 25 micrograms/100 g body weight per day on days 8-14 resulted in serum levels of alpha 2u-globulin, FSH, LH and testosterone and testicular 17 beta-HSD activity similar to those seen in vehicle-injected control animals. Weights of the testes and accessory sex organs and spermatogenesis were normal after administration of DHT in melatonin-treated rats. In another group of rats, the depressive effects of melatonin treatment on plasma gonadotrophins were reversed by the administration of alpha 2u-globulin on days 8-14. It was concluded that treatment with DHT prevents the depressive action of melatonin on testicular function by inducing the synthesis of alpha 2u-globulin.[1]


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