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Sprouting of sensory neurons in dorsal root ganglia after transection of peripheral nerves.

Morphological reaction of sensory neurons of dorsal root ganglia after peripheral nerve transection was investigated by a nerve tracing method using E. coli lacZ (beta-galactosidase) gene recombinant adenovirus. The sciatic nerve of the rat was transected and inoculated with the gene recombinant adenovirus from the cutting end of nerve fibers. The fixation was accomplished from one to six weeks after inoculation. A whole mount specimen was observed after the reaction in a X-galactocidase substrate. Newly formed sprouting processes of dorsal root ganglion (DRG) cells appeared, all of them sprouting from the primary segment of DRG cells. Developed branches were morphologically categorized in to two types: one was the "linear type" which showed diverged branches running straightly along the major axis of the DRG; the other was the "winding type" which exhibited a random running pattern to the original axons and wound and extended in all directions in dorsal root ganglia with many branches. Many of this type encircled other cell bodies and formed a ring-like structure. There was no difference in the size of cell bodies in either type or between the ring-like structure forming the cells and those cells encircled by them.[1]


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