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Effects of transient PTH on early proliferation, apoptosis, and subsequent differentiation of osteoblast in primary osteoblast cultures.

In primary calvarial osteoblast cultures derived from transgenic mice expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP) under the control of 3.6-kb Col1a1 promoter, the emergence of GFP signal marks the transition of multipotential osteoprogenitors into preosteoblasts. Early transient treatment (days 1-7) of these cultures with parathyroid hormone (PTH) has an anabolic effect that is not associated with an increase in total DNA content or cell number in day 21 cultures. In the present study, the effect of early PTH treatment on cell proliferation and apoptosis was examined in greater detail in GFP(+) and GFP(-) cells using flow cytometry. In preconfluent cultures, PTH significantly reduced the proportion of cells in S phase but increased those in G(0)/G(1) and G(2)+M phases in both GFP(+) and GFP(-) subpopulations. PTH decreased apoptosis only in GFP(-) but not GFP(+) cells, indicating an increased survival of GFP(-) cells. In contrast, PTH did not change the amounts of cell proliferation and apoptosis seen in either compartment after these cultures reached confluence. To further assess the effect of early PTH treatment on osteogenic differentiation, secondary cultures of sorted GFP(+) or GFP(-) cells were obtained from day 7 primary cultures that had been treated for 1 wk with PTH. This treatment resulted in larger areas of GFP expression accompanied by increased xylenol orange/von Kossa staining in the secondary cultures of GFP fractions. Early transient PTH treatment appears to enhance the commitment of progenitor cells to an osteogenic fate and results in a higher proportion of cells that achieve full osteoblast differentiation.[1]


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