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Chemical Compound Review

Xylenol orange     2-[[5-[9-[3- [(bis(carboxymethyl)amino) meth...

Synonyms: BIX1004, NSC-324982, AC1Q5WIQ, NSC324982, FT-0633703, ...
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Disease relevance of o-Cresolphthalexon S


High impact information on o-Cresolphthalexon S

  • Three fluorescent markers were used: (1) pOBCol3.6GFP, which is activated in preosteoblastic cells; (2) pOBCol2.3GFP, which is restricted to differentiated osteoblasts; and (3) xylenol orange (XO), which stains the mineralized nodules [2].
  • Quantitative analysis showed that transient PTH first decreased then later increased areas of GFP expression and XO staining, which correlated with results of Northern blot and alkaline phosphatase activity [2].
  • A significant correlation (r = 0.88, p < 0.005) existed between the xylenol orange method of estimating lipid peroxidation and the conventional TBARS assay in a series of animal tissues tested [3].
  • The potential usefulness of the xylenol orange assay for comparative biochemical and toxicological studies of oxidative stress is discussed [3].
  • Total antioxidant capacity (TAC) was determined by enhanced chemiluminescence and lipid hydroperoxides by the ferrous oxidation of Xylenol Orange method [4].

Biological context of o-Cresolphthalexon S


Anatomical context of o-Cresolphthalexon S

  • A sensitive spectrometric assay for assessing iron oxidation and complex formation with xylenol orange (FOX assay) also was used to document in vitro-enhanced H2O2-mediated oxidations by hemolymph from immune-competent larvae [8].
  • In the absence of data on the dynamics of cementum apposition, one female Macaca fascicularis monkey, born July 1984 and sacrificed July 1985, was sequentially injected with calcein and xylenol orange 10 times, about every 33 days [9].

Associations of o-Cresolphthalexon S with other chemical compounds


Gene context of o-Cresolphthalexon S

  • Fasting plasma vWF and LOOH were measured by an inhouse enzyme-linked immunoassay and ferrous oxidation with xylenol orange (FOX) assay, respectively [15].
  • The imaging system, with white light illumination and CCD camera detection, was designed for measurement of the radiation-induced optical density changes in iron- and xylenol orange dye-doped agarose gels [16].
  • The linear concentrations were 0.09-12.00 mE/L for DMPDA, ABTS, APC, and HBSA and 0.09-6.00 mE/L for XO and HIQSA [17].
  • Hydroperoxides were determined by the FOX II assay (ferrous oxidation in xylenol orange, Pierce Rockford, IL) [18].
  • Binding of xylenol orange to transferrin. Demonstration of metal-anion linkage [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of o-Cresolphthalexon S


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