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B Cell Lymphoma 10 Is Essential for Fc{epsilon}R-Mediated Degranulation and IL-6 Production in Mast Cells.

The adaptor protein B cell lymphoma 10 (Bcl10) plays an essential role in the functions of the AgRs in T and B cells. In this study, we report that Bcl10 also plays an important role in mast cells. Bcl10 is expressed in mast cells. Although Bcl10-deficient mast cells undergo normal development, we demonstrate that Bcl10 is essential for specific functions of FcepsilonR. Although Bcl10-deficient mast cells have normal de novo synthesis and release of the lipid mediator arachidonic acid, the mutant cells possess impaired FcepsilonR-mediated degranulation, indicated by decreased serotonin release, and impaired cytokine production, measured by release of IL-6. In addition, Bcl10-deficient mice display impaired IgE- mediated passive cutaneous anaphylaxis. Moreover, although Bcl10-deficient mast cells have normal FcepsilonR-mediated Ca(2+) flux, activation of PI3K, and activation of the three types of MAPKs (ERKs, JNK, and p38), the mutant cells have markedly diminished FcepsilonR-mediated activation of NF-kappaB and decreased activation of AP-1. Thus, Bcl10 is essential for FcepsilonR-induced activation of AP-1, NF-kappaB, degranulation, and cytokine production in mast cells.[1]


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