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Protective effect of isoprinosine in genetically susceptible BALB/c mice infected with Leishmania major.

The effects of an immunopotentiating drug Inosine Pranobex (isoprinosine) were investigated in an experimental cutaneous leishmaniasis model. The highly susceptible BALB/c mice treated orally with isoprinosine developed significantly delayed onset of disease when infected with Leishmania major compared to untreated mice. The drug itself is not toxic to the parasite up to millimolar levels in vitro. The increase in resistance to L. major infection is accompanied by a marked decrease in the CD4+/CD8+ ratio and the leishmanial antigen-specific proliferative response of the spleen cells of isoprinosine-treated mice compared to untreated mice. There was a significant increase in the production of IFN-gamma but a decrease in the secretion of IL-3 and IL-4 by the spleen cells of isoprinosine-treated mice in response to concanavalin A with or without L. major infection compared to untreated controls. There was, however, no significant difference in the level of IL-2 production by the spleen cells between mice with or without isoprinosine treatment. These data are consistent with the interpretation that isoprinosine potentiates the resistance to leishmanial infection by up-regulating the host-protective Th1 cells and down-regulating the disease-promoting Th2 cells or, alternatively, by increasing CD8+ T-cell function.[1]


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