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Metabolic anomalies in cri du chat syndrome (5p-) lymphocytes and de novo purine synthesis.

Having previously demonstrated that patients with cri du chat, 5p- syndrome, have a highly significant excess of the plasmatic and urinary relative amount of asparagine and aspartate, the authors tested the hypothesis according to which this excess could be in relation with a defect of purine metabolism. Using a previously reported in vitro assay, they found a paradoxal increase in the mitotic index in the presence of L-alanosine in lymphocyte cultures of patients with 5p- who were on no medication. They also observed particularly severe toxicity to HAT medium. This response, apparently characteristic for 5p- syndrome, was highly significant when compared to the one observed in samples of normal controls, of patients with mental retardation of various etiologies, patients with Down syndrome or with Xqfra syndrome. When patients with cri du chat syndrome received inosine with folinic acid, an inversion of their response to alanosine was observed as well as the normalization of their response to HAT medium. These findings suggest that deletion of 5p14-5p15 leads to some impairment of de novo purine synthesis, the implications of these findings are discussed.[1]


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