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Chemical Compound Review

leucovorin     (2R)-2-[[4-[(2-amino-5- methanoyl-4-oxo-1,6...

Synonyms: Leucal, Welcovorin, citrovorum, Novo-folacid, l-Leucovorin, ...
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Gene context of folinic acid

  • METHODS: Genotype analysis of the MTHFR gene was done in 236 patients who started MTX treatment with (n = 157) or without (n = 79) folic or folinic acid supplementation [35].
  • FOL1 is an essential gene and the nongrowth phenotype of the fol1 deletion leads to a recessive auxotrophy for folinic acid (5'-formyltetrahydrofolate) [25].
  • Since deletion of yeast FOL2 leads to a recessive auxotrophy for folinic acid, we used a yeast fol2Delta mutant for an in vivo functional assay of heterologous GTP cyclohydrolases I [36].
  • Folinic acid enhances TS inhibition by increasing the intracellular pool of folates that stabilize the 5FU-TS complex [37].
  • Mutant cells bearing a fol3 mutation require folinic acid for growth and have no dihydrofolate synthetase activity [38].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of folinic acid


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