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Distinguishing bombesin receptor subtypes using the oocyte assay.

Physiological responses to mammalian bombesin-like peptides were studied in Xenopus oocytes injected with mRNA isolated from Swiss 3T3 cells and rat esophagus in order to identify and characterize bombesin receptor subtypes. Both groups respond similarly to either gastrin releasing peptide or neuromedin B, but only the response to neuromedin B in oocytes expressing the esophagus mRNA is not blocked by a specific gastrin releasing peptide receptor antagonist, des-Met-[D-Phe6]Bn(6-13) ethyl ester. Complete desensitization of gastrin releasing peptide-evoked responses in oocytes expressing esophagus mRNA does not abolish neuromedin B-evoked responses. A single application of neuromedin B abolishes responses to subsequently applied gastrin releasing peptide in oocytes expressing esophagus, but not Swiss 3T3, mRNA. RNA blot hybridization studies using a Swiss 3T3 gastrin releasing peptide receptor cDNA probe show no detectable hybridization in esophagus mRNA samples. These data suggest that a gastrin releasing peptide receptor is expressed in the esophagus and that it is distinct from that expressed in Swiss 3T3 cells and may represent a third subtype of mammalian bombesin receptor.[1]


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