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Swiss 3T3 Cells

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Disease relevance of Swiss 3T3 Cells


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Chemical compound and disease context of Swiss 3T3 Cells


Biological context of Swiss 3T3 Cells


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Gene context of Swiss 3T3 Cells

  • The epidermal growth factor-like domain of recombinant human thrombomodulin exhibits mitogenic activity for Swiss 3T3 cells [26].
  • In contrast to that of Mnk1, the activity of overexpressed Mnk2 is high under control conditions and could only be reduced substantially by a combination of PD98059 and SB203580, while the activity of endogenous Mnk2 in Swiss 3T3 cells was hardly affected upon treatment with these inhibitors [27].
  • These results indicate that both ras p21 and smg p21 are mitogenic in Swiss 3T3 cells but that their actions are slightly different [28].
  • Thus, the overall results indicated that the rTME1-6 peptide had mitogenic activity for Swiss 3T3 cells, accelerated DNA synthesis and glucose uptake, and that the mitogenic activity might be mediated by binding of the peptide to a specific site different from the EGF receptor [26].
  • HD1 overexpression in stably transfected Swiss 3T3 cells caused a severe delay during the G2/M phases of the cell cycle [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Swiss 3T3 Cells


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