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Chemical Compound Review

Neuromedin B     (2S)-N-[(1S)-1-[[(1S)-1- [[(1S)-1-[[(1S,2R)...

Synonyms: AC1NUOG5, Neuromedin B (swine spinal cord), Gly-asn-leu-trp-ala-thr-gly-his-phe-met-NH2
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Disease relevance of Neuromedin B


Psychiatry related information on Neuromedin B

  • Similar administration of neuromedin B had a biphasic effect; there was a dose-dependent decrease in reaction time lasting about 6 min followed by a delayed increase in reaction time to above control values at 31-46 min [6].

High impact information on Neuromedin B


Chemical compound and disease context of Neuromedin B


Biological context of Neuromedin B


Anatomical context of Neuromedin B


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Gene context of Neuromedin B

  • Neuromedin B (NMB) is one of the bombesin (BN)-related peptides in mammals [26].
  • In all of the cases, the receptors corresponded to the GRP receptor subtype of bombesin receptors, having high affinity for GRP and bombesin and lower affinity for neuromedin B [27].
  • Four amino acid residues are critical for high affinity binding of neuromedin B to the neuromedin B receptor [28].
  • The fifth transmembrane segment of the neuromedin B receptor is critical for high affinity neuromedin B binding [29].
  • The lysosomal degradation of neuromedin B is dependent on tripeptidyl peptidase-I: evidence for the impairment of neuropeptide degradation in late-infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Neuromedin B


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