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Mapping oligonucleotides of Rous sarcoma virus RNA that segregate with polymerase and group-specific antigen markers in recombinants.

The RNase-T1-resistant oligonucleotides of two Prague Rous sarcoma viruses with temperature-sensitive (ts) DNA polymerases (DNA nucleotidyltransferases), termed ts LA 337 and 335 of one leukosis virus, RAV-6, and 20 of their recombinant progeny have been mapped relative to the 3' poly (A) terminus of the viral RNA. The resulting oligonucleotide maps have been ocrrelated with markers of the four known viral genetic elements encoded in the RNA of 10,000 nucleotides. In accord with previous results recombinant RNAs contained (i) oligonucleotides characteristic of the src gene, coding for sarcoma formation, between the poly(A) end and 2000 nucleotides and (ii) olignucleotides characteristic of the env gene, coding for the envelope glycoprotein, between 2500 and 5000 nucleo tides from the poly(A) end. (iii) A cluster of four oligonucleotides that mapped between 6000 and 8000 nucleotides from the 3' poly(A) end of each RNA was shared by both parental viruses and all recombinants. Since all other map segments of our recombinants failed to segregate with the ts- or wild-type markers of the parental DNA polymerase gene (pol), it was concluded that the ts pol lesion maps in this RNA segment. (iv) The 5' segment of each recombinant RNA contained a cluster of four to five oligonucleotides whose parental origin correlated with an electrophoretic marker of one of the parental virion proteins, p27, a major product of the viral gag gene. The gene order 5'-gag-pol-env-src-poly(A) is consistent with our data.[1]


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