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Radioimmunoassay for activin A/EDF. Method and measurement of immunoreactive activin A/EDF levels in various biological materials.

A radioimmunoassay (RIA) for the measurement of activin A, which is identical to erythroid differentiation factor (EDF), has been developed. A specific antiserum against activin A/EDF was raised in rabbits using a mixture of recombinant EDF and polyvinyl pyrrolidone. Of the compounds tested this polyclonal antibody cross-reacted only with bovine inhibin (3.2%) and human TGF-beta (4.2%). The least detectable value in this assay was 0.06 ng/tube. The within- and between-assay coefficients of variation at three different concentrations were 3.6-9.8% and 3.4-7.7%, respectively. Using this RIA, immunoreactive activin A/EDF levels in various biological fluids and tissues were examined. The dose-response curves of porcine follicular fluid and ovarian extract were parallel to the standard curve, and porcine follicular fluid contained high activin A/EDF immunoreactivity (1050 ng/ml). On gel chromatography of porcine follicular fluid, the major immunoreactivity was eluted in the same position as authentic activin A/EDF. Human placental extract and amniotic fluid had relatively high immunoreactive activin A/EDF levels (174 ng/g wet wt. and 63.9 ng/ml, respectively), but the dose-response curve of amniotic fluid was not parallel to the standard curve. Among rat tissues, the ovary showed the highest activin A/EDF immunoreactivity (163 ng/g wet wt.) much lower than that of porcine ovary (1020 ng/g wet wt.). Low immunoreactive activin A/EDF levels were detected in most parts of rat brain (8.7-14.2 ng/g wet wt.), except for the pituitary gland (70.0 ng/g wet wt.). The initial plasma half clearance time (t1/2) of exogenous activin A/EDF was 14 min in the rat and the plasma FSH concentration did not change significantly during this period. These results suggest that this RIA system has sufficient sensitivity and specificity to measure activin A/EDF concentrations in biological materials, and that the reproductive tissues are the main sources of activin A/EDF.[1]


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