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Alveolar macrophage function in rats with severe protein calorie malnutrition. Arachidonic acid metabolism, cytokine release, and antimicrobial activity.

To investigate the effects of protein calorie malnutrition ( PCM) on alveolar macrophage function, we measured antimicrobial activity, IL-1 and TNF production, and arachidonic acid metabolism in alveolar macrophages of infant rats with moderate and severe PCM. Groups of weanling male rats were fed a diet containing 0.8% protein ( PCM) or 24% protein (control). A third group (pair fed) was fed limited amounts of the control diet that matched the mean daily dietary intake of the PCM group. After 4 wk on the diets, alveolar macrophages from all three groups functioned similarly with respect to surface adherence, phagocytosis and killing of Listeria monocytogenes, release of hydrogen peroxide and superoxide anion, and production of IL-1 and TNF. In contrast, Listeria-stimulated alveolar macrophages from the PCM group exhibited a marked shift in arachidonic acid metabolism, with impaired production of leukotriene B4 and enhanced release of thromboxane B2 and PGE2. The membrane arachidonic acid content and the uptake of [3H]arachidonate by alveolar macrophages did not differ among the three groups. The shift toward the cyclooxygenase pathway was not seen after 2 wk of dietary restriction and was reversed if PCM animals were fed the control diet for 1 wk. Thus, PCM does not affect the antimicrobial activity or cytokine production of alveolar macrophages, but causes alterations in arachidonic acid metabolism that may interfere with the modulatory functions of alveolar macrophages.[1]


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