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Human malignant lymphomas in vitro. Characterization of biopsy cells and establishment of permanent cell lines.

A series of 55 biopsies from different types of malignant lymphomas were characterized in short-term culture experiments and during prolonged growth in vitro. The majority of the lymphocytic lymphomas and half of the histiocytic lymphomas expressed surface immunoglobulin, either in monoclonal or polyclonal form, indicating B-lymphocyte derivation. No lysozyme production was noted in either type of lymphoma, giving further support to the notion that histiocytic lymphomas are not truly histiocytic. Production of beta2-microglobulin was higher in histiocytic than in lymphocytic lymphoma and Hodgkin's disease but did not significantly differ from the production observed in non-neoplastic lymph node disorders. Incorporation of 3H-thymidine varied greatly within each category of lymphoma; the highest mean labelling index was noted in histiocytic lymphoma, possibly reflecting the generally more malignant course in such cases. Epstein-Barr virus-associated nuclear antigen was observed in one case of Hodgkin's disease. Attempts to establish permanent tumor cell lines were successful only from two explants of lymphocytic lymphoma and one pleural effusion from histiocytic lymphoma. The two cell lines derived from lymphocytic lymphomas both exhibited B-lymphocyte characteristics. The histiocytic lymphoma line lacked lymphocyte markers, produced lysozyme and was found to be rich in cytoplasmic esterases. These features are consistent with a "true" histiocytic derivation of this line. Lymphoblastoid cell lines representing non-neoplastic EBV-carrying lymphocytes contaminating the biopsies were derived from 19 biopsies, with the highest frequency noted in cultures of biopsies from Hodgkin's disease. The tumor lines were all EBV-genome negative.[1]


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