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Comparative study of gentamicin release from normal and low viscosity acrylic bone cement.

The pharmacokinetics of gentamicin were studied after total hip joint arthroplasties in 2 groups of 10 patients. The prosthesis was performed in the first group with 'Palacos R plus gentamicin' (normal viscosity), manufactured by Schering, and in the second group with 'Cerafix genta R' (low viscosity) manufactured by Ceraver-Osteal. Both cements included similar concentrations of gentamicin. Urine was collected at 12-hour intervals for 15 days after operation, and drainage fluids for 48, 72 or 108 hours. Blood samples were taken 3 and/or 5 hours after prosthesis implantation. In both cases, high concentrations of gentamicin were found in drainage fluids and urine during the early postoperative period. Mean gentamicin excretion curves were calculated by a computer-aided design program (SIAM) for the 2 cements. The release of gentamicin was biphasic in both cases, although the slow elimination phase appeared to be longer for 'Cerafix'. In the first postoperative period, the drug had a better bioavailability during the rapid elimination phase in the case of 'Palacos'. The calculated peak blood concentration was in the same range for both compounds. The conclusion is drawn that, in patients undergoing total hip joint arthroplasties, gentamicin concentrations reach local levels higher than the minimum inhibitory concentrations of most of the likely sensitive pathogens. However, in both cases, as blood concentrations appear to be low, patients will not be protected against systemic infections. Both cements have similar antibacterial properties but the mechanical properties of 'Cerafix' are the better of the two.[1]


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