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Acute toxicity tests of mofezolac (N-22) in mice and rats.

Mofezolac (N-22) is a newly developed analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. The acute toxicities of N-22 were investigated in ICR mice and Wistar rats in oral (p.o.), intraperitoneal (i.p.) and subcutaneous (s.c.) routes. LD50 values of N-22 in mice were 1528 mg/kg (p.o.), 275 mg/kg (i.p.) and 612 mg/kg (s.c.) for males, and 1740 mg/kg (p.o.), 321 mg/kg (i.p.) and 545 mg/kg (s.c.) for females. Those in rats were 920 mg/kg (p.o.), 378 mg/kg (i.p.) and 572 mg/kg (s.c.) for males, and 887 mg/kg (p.o.), 342 mg/kg (i.p.) and 510 mg/kg (s.c.) for females. The sex difference was not clearly observed in mice and rats, but the species difference was observed in p.o. routes. As an initial toxic sign, the hypoactivity was observed in mice and rats of all routes, subsequently, paleness of skin, anemic conjunctiva, emaciation, stupor and/or coma were observed in mice and rats of p.o. and i.p. routes. In rats of those routes, tonic and/or asphyxial convulsion and dyspnea were also observed. In pathological examination of mice and rats, gastrointestinal disorders were observed in p.o. and i.p. routes, and changes of subcutaneous tissue at the injection site were observed in s.c. route.[1]


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