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Primary structures of the mRNAs encoding the rat precursors for bradykinin and T-kinin. Structural relationship of kininogens with major acute phase protein and alpha 1-cysteine proteinase inhibitor.

Three types of cloned cDNA sequences for rat low molecular weight prekininogens were isolated and determined by molecular cloning and sequence analysis. The deduced amino acid sequences indicated that one, termed K-prekininogen, represents the counterpart of the known low molecular weight prekininogen present in other mammals, while the other two, called T-prekininogens, contain a novel T-kinin sequence which was recently identified from rat plasma. Although T- and K-prekininogens are highly homologous with each other, both of the T-prekininogens contain methionine, instead of arginine or lysine, as an amino acid preceding T-kinin and exhibit two consecutive amino acid deletions in the preceding region of T-kinin as compared with K-prekininogen. The former finding accounts for the previous observation of strong resistance of T-kininogens to cleavage with trypsin or kallikreins, while the latter finding has been explained by the structural analysis of genomic clones in which T-kinin-coding exon is contracted at its intron junction. A partial nucleotide sequence reported recently for the rat major acute phase protein (alpha 1-MAP) mRNA was found to be extremely related to the corresponding portion of the rat T-prekininogen mRNA. Furthermore, consistent with the previous report of the structural identity of major acute phase protein and alpha 1-cysteine proteinase inhibitor, kininogen closely resembles not only the former but also the latter in the amino acid compositions. The interrelationship among the triad of these proteins has been discussed.[1]


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