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The immunopathology of chronic experimental allergic encephalomyelitis induced in rabbits with bovine proteolipid protein.

The role of myelin proteolipid apoprotein ( PLP) in the central nervous system (CNS) immune response of rabbits has been investigated by analyzing the immunopathology of chronic experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE) induced by sensitization with PLP. Clinical disease occurred in seven out of nine rabbits sensitized with bovine PLP and monitored for up to 6 mo. Positive delayed hypersensitivity skin test reactions to PLP occurred in all but one of the PLP-sensitized animals. All PLP-sensitized animals had meningeal and CNS parenchymal inflammation that correlated with disease severity. Serial blood samples were stained with a panel of antibodies to rabbit T and B cells, as well as Ia, and large and small mononuclear cell populations were analyzed by flow cytometry. Peripheral leukocyte population staining did not correlate with clinical signs or sensitization to PLP. Cryostat CNS tissue sections were stained with the same set of antibodies by using an immunoperoxidase technique, and positive cells and vessels were counted. T cells and macrophages were numerous and in equal numbers in perivascular parenchymal inflammatory infiltrates, whereas B cells were less numerous (p less than 0.001). T cells also diffusely infiltrated the parenchyma. Most perivascular inflammatory cells and many scattered parenchymal cells were Ia+; Ia vascular expression was increased over controls (p less than 0.001), and also correlated with disease severity. The immunopathology of this chronic EAE model is the same as that of whole CNS tissue- and myelin basic protein-induced EAE in other species, and is similar to that of multiple sclerosis. Cellular immune responses to PLP may therefore contribute to systemic and in situ responses in CNS tissue demyelinating diseases.[1]


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