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Regulation of albumin gene expression in a series of rat hepatocyte cell lines immortalized by simian virus 40 and maintained in chemically defined medium.

A series of simian virus 40 (SV40)-immortalized hepatocyte cell lines were characterized for albumin production, the regulation of albumin production, and the expression of other liver-specific genes. This series of cell lines is particularly useful for studying the regulation of hepatocyte gene expression because the cell lines express liverlike levels of a number of liver-specific functions and do so while growing in a chemically defined medium. SV40-immortalized hepatocyte cell lines were derived from colonies of albumin-producing epithelial cells that arose after primary hepatocytes maintained in chemically defined medium were transfected with SV40 DNA. Some cell lines secreted albumin at levels equal to or greater than those secreted by freshly plated primary hepatocytes, and all but one line continued to produce albumin for more than 20 passages. The variation in albumin secretion among cell lines reflected differences in the amount of albumin produced per cell and not in the percentage of albumin-producing cells in each line. The characterization of selected cell lines showed that albumin production was regulated by cell density during the growth cycle. Albumin production in most cell lines was also regulated by dexamethasone; however, one cell line continued to produce high levels of albumin when the cells were grown in medium lacking dexamethasone, demonstrating that although glucocorticoid can induce albumin production in some cell lines, it is not required for high levels of albumin production by all cells in culture. Regulation of albumin production measured at the level of protein secretion was paralleled by changes in steady-state levels of a 2.3-kilobase albumin RNA. Albumin-producing SV40-immortalized hepatocytes secreted a variety of other plasma proteins, including transferrin, hemopexin, and the third component of complement. These cells also expressed tyrosine aminotransferase activity that was inducible by dexamethasone. Alpha-fetoprotein production was not detected in any of the cell lines examined.[1]


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