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Pesticides and food safety.

This report reviews recent developments regarding the environmental, toxicological, and regulatory issues surrounding pesticide residues in food. Factors affecting the establishment of regulatory limits are discussed. Pesticides monitored by state and federal agencies are compiled and the need for improvements in analytical techniques and enforcement procedures in governmental monitoring programs is pointed out. Specific incidents of concern related to pesticides in food including EDB in grain and grain products, aldicarb in watermelon, demeton-methyl in wine, DDT in fish, S,S,S-tributylphosphorotrithioate in chili peppers, and daminozide in apples and processed apple products are described. The National Academy of Science's study on the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) method for setting tolerances for pesticide residues is discussed, especially the dietary cancer risk estimates from pesticides and the inconsistencies in regulating oncogenic pesticides in raw and processed foods existing under the Delaney Clause. The EPA's Tolerance Assessment System is identified to improve the quality of the tolerance establishment process. New California laws to ensure food safety include mandated activities in identifying the toxicological data gaps for pesticides and evaluating pesticide tolerances. Already initiated, tighter regulatory activities at both the federal and the state levels are expected to improve scientific information development, regulatory decisions, and public health protection.[1]


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