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Counterimmunoelectrophoresis test on human Clonorchis sinensis infection.

A counterimmunoelectrophoresis test was used to detect antibodies against the adult worm antigen of Clonorchis sinensis in sera from 70 clonorchiasis patients, 20 uninfected healthy persons and 7 patients infected with other helminths. A constant voltage of 10 V/cm and a running time of 30 minutes was chosen in carrying out detection. Antibody titers of 1, 1:2 and 1:4 were obtained from 35, 21 and 14 clonorchiasis patients, respectively. Significant correlation was observed between worm burden in patients and antibody titer, the higher the antibody titer in patients, the more eggs per gram feces in their stool. Although cross reaction was observed with toxocariasis and angiostrongyliasis in this study, high (100%) sensitivity made it possible to screen the subjects in endemic areas to shorten the survey period.[1]


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