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Disease relevance of Counterimmunoelectrophoresis


High impact information on Counterimmunoelectrophoresis

  • The specific antiserum against a type of ferritin that is especially common to leukemia cells and the placenta was used to test, by countercurrent immunoelectrophoresis, sera from humans with various diseases [6].
  • The current review focuses on the sensitivity, specificity, and practical use of several diagnostic tests, including methods for culture of the etiologic agent, cellular cytotoxicity assays, latex agglutination tests, enzyme immunoassay systems, counterimmunoelectrophoresis, fluorescent-antibody assays, and polymerase chain reactions [7].
  • The ANA pattern was defined by IFL on HEp-2 cells and the SMA-AA identified by the presence of at least two of the following elements: 1) SMA(T) or SMA(G) pattern by IFL on kidney sections; 2) XR1 precipitating system by counterimmunoelectrophoresis; or 3) typical pattern by IFL on liver sections from phalloidin-intoxicated rats [8].
  • After solid-phase adsorption treatment with glutaraldehyde-cross-linked normal human plasma, acetone-extracted normal liver tissue powder, and glutaraldehyde-fixed Raji cells, one antiserum reacted specifically with breast tissue extracts but not with extracts of other tissues, as examined by a counterimmunoelectrophoresis technique [9].
  • Although 53% of the SLE patients with anti-P had concomitant anti-Ro antibodies, none had anti-La (as detected by counterimmunoelectrophoresis) [10].

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Associations of Counterimmunoelectrophoresis with chemical compounds


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Counterimmunoelectrophoresis


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