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Disease relevance of Toxocariasis


High impact information on Toxocariasis

  • Mebendazole in toxocariasis [6].
  • Lafoensia pacari extract inhibits IL-5 production in toxocariasis [7].
  • CONCLUSIONS: These data suggest, first, that patients presenting unexplained allergic syndromes should be checked for helminthiases, even if blood eosinophilia is lacking, and, second, in such subjects displaying positive toxocariasis immunodiagnosis, ECP assessment would be a useful marker to distinguish between active and past toxocaral disease [8].
  • Sera from mice infected with the parasite also contained antibodies to rTc-CPL-1 as did sera from nine patients with proven toxocariasis; control sera did not [9].
  • These results suggest that MMP-9 may be associated with the inflammatory reaction to larval toxocariasis during early migration, and may therefore be a useful marker during T. canis larvae migration [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Toxocariasis


Biological context of Toxocariasis


Gene context of Toxocariasis

  • Toxocariasis. A possible cause of the Palm Island mystery disease [18].
  • For human population IACE was evaluated using sera from 440 patients with clinical signs of toxocariasis and the cut-off value was established with 60 serum samples from apparently healthy individuals [19].
  • This case illustrates that toxocariasis should be considered as a rare differential diagnostic possibility for multiple liver lesions and multifocal peripheral pulmonary opacities in young children with Wilms tumor [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Toxocariasis


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