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Selective platelet deposition during focal cerebral ischemia in cats.

Platelet deposition in the microcirculation may play a role in focal cerebral ischemia. We investigated platelet deposition in selected parts of the cat brain after temporary middle cerebral artery occlusion. Ten anesthesized cats were given autologous indium-111-labeled platelets and chromium-51-labeled erythrocytes. The right middle cerebral artery was occluded with miniature aneurysm clips for 3 hours via a transorbital approach; blood pressure was reduced concomitantly to decrease the collateral circulation. Removal of the clips initiated a 45-minute period of normotensive reperfusion. After sacrifice, the brain was removed and sectioned for comparison of right- versus left-hemisphere platelet deposition. Platelets were selectively deposited in the territory of the occluded right middle cerebral artery. Significant deposition was found in the caudate nucleus, internal capsule, parietal cortex, and the centrum semiovale. Our findings support the evidence that platelets are deposited in the microvasculature during temporary severe focal cerebral ischemia.[1]


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