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Embryonal carcinoma cells express Qa and Tla class I genes of the major histocompatibility complex.

The murine major histocompatibility complex encodes H-2K and H-2D transplantation antigens and other class I-like proteins called Qa and Tla molecules; the functions of the Qa/Tla molecules are not known. That they may participate in embryonic cell-cell interactions and/or play a role in immune responses against tumors has been speculated. We have studied two murine embryonal carcinoma tumors, 402AX and PCC4, that are rejected in vivo immunologically, although they do not express H-2K or H-2D antigens. Transplantation studies with these cells suggest that rejection is mediated by class-I-like major histocompatibility complex antigens. As a first step in evaluating Qa/Tla function(s), we have characterized expression of class I-like genes and proteins in 402AX and PCC4 cells. Northern (RNA) blot hybridizations, polymerase chain reaction studies, and cDNA cloning experiments demonstrate that EC lines transcribe genes allelic to the Tla region gene "37", Qa-2 region gene "Q7", and another, previously uncharacterized, class I-like gene. Immunoprecipitation studies show that the embryonal carcinoma tumor cells contain low levels of beta 2-microglobulin expressed in association with non-H-2K, non-H-2D class I-like proteins.[1]


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