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The endolymphatic sac and inner ear homeostasis. I: Effect of glycerol on the endolymphatic sac with or without colchicine pretreatment.

The combined effects of glycerol and colchicine on the endolymphatic sac were investigated in mice. Glycerol induced signs of secretion from the epithelium with formation of secretory granules in the light epithelial cells. Other characteristics of the epithelial lining were also changed resulting in an increased widening of the lateral intercellular spaces, a partial collapse of the lumen and with a deposition of a stainable substance within the lumen. This reaction lasted from 30 min to 24 h following the injection. Pretreatment with colchicine was found to decrease or inhibit the glycerol-induced secretion of macromolecules into the sac. The lumen collapsed but frequently there was no presence of stainable substance. Animals treated with both glycerol and colchicine showed marked signs of inner ear malfunction which could indicate that the secretory activity in the sac might be closely related to the regulation of inner ear fluid homeostasis and that functional disturbances in this system may lead to disorders of inner ear function.[1]


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