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Protein kinase C inhibitor H-7 alters the actin cytoskeleton of cultured cells.

The effects of the protein kinase C inhibitor H-7 on the actin cytoskeleton of cultured cells (Swiss 3T3 and PTK2) are described. As documented by fluorescence microscopy and the higher-resolution technique of photoelectron microscopy, the effects are rapid and dramatic; exposure to 30 microM H-7 in culture medium for less than 6 min is sufficient to induce a significant reduction in the numbers and thickness of actin microfilament bundles and alterations in the morphology of cell-cell boundaries in PTK2 cells. One-hour exposure to 30 microM H-7 results in nearly complete depletion of normal actin microfilament bundles from all of the cell types examined, without dramatic changes in overall cell shape. The intermediate filament and microtubule cytoskeletal networks did not appear to be affected to any extent over the times and doses examined. Forty-five minutes of exposure of Swiss 3T3 cells to 200 microM of either HA1004 (which is comparable to H-7 with respect to inhibition of cyclic nucleotide dependent kinases) or to the protein kinase C inhibitor sangivamycin did not induce the actin alterations characteristic of H-7. In addition, depletion of protein kinase C from Swiss 3T3 cells by means of phorbol ester-induced down-regulation did not prevent the effects of H-7 on the actin cytoskeleton. These results demonstrate that the protein kinase C inhibitor H-7 has a specific and rapid effect on the actin cytoskeleton, and furthermore H-7 may have biochemical effects beyond those mediated by inhibition of protein kinase C or the cyclic nucleotide dependent kinases.[1]


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