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Correlation of high resolution computed tomography and gross anatomic sections of the temporal bone. Part III. Cochlear and vestibular aqueducts.

Gross anatomic sections of isolated temporal bones (TB) were compared with high resolution computed tomography (CT) scans obtained utilizing contiguous 1.5-mm thick slices in the transaxial, coronal, and sagittal planes. Each TB was then sectioned at 2.0-mm intervals in planes parallel to those of the CT scans. Both the cochlear and vestibular aqueducts were best visualized in the coronal plane; the transaxial plane proved less reliable and the sagittal plane was not useful at all. The cochlear aqueduct in the coronal plane appears as a funnel-shaped configuration with its widest portion opening into the subarachnoid space. The vestibular aqueduct at its opening into the epidural space is well visualized in the coronal plane, and as it traverses the bone toward the vestibule it appears as an oval to spherical lucency, whereas in transaxial sections it is seen as a small longitudinal lucency.[1]


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