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Rat adrenal medulla: levels of chromogranins, enkephalins, dopamine beta-hydroxylase and of the amine transporter are changed by nervous activity and hypophysectomy.

The levels of several constituents of chromaffin granules were determined in rat adrenal medulla after treatment with insulin or reserpine and after hypophysectomy. Insulin treatment induced increased levels of enkephalins, dopamine beta-hydroxylase, the amine carrier and of chromogranin B whereas catecholamines, cytochrome b-561 and chromagranin A remained slightly below control levels. Administration of reserpine led to similar changes with the exception of the enkephalins which increased much less. After hypophysectomy, chromogranin A was reduced to low levels; dopamine beta-hydroxylase, the amine carrier and catecholamines showed an intermediate reduction, whereas the other components remained at control levels. We can conclude that nervous stimulation of the adrenal medulla (by insulin and reserpine) induces the synthesis of enkephalins, dopamine beta-hydroxylase, the amine carrier and chromogranin B whereas the level of chromogranin A apparently depends on corticosteroids. Thus, major components of the secretory content and the membranes of chromaffin granules are regulated separately, which allows the biogenesis of chromaffin granules with a significantly altered composition.[1]


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