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Chemotherapy of field cases of East Coast fever using halofuginone lactate.

The chemotherapeutic effect of halofuginone lactate (Terit, Hoechst) was tested against natural pathogenic Theileria parva infections (East Coast fever, ECF) in 24 cattle. Halofuginone lactate, administered per os, 1.2 mg per kg b.wt and repeated after 48 h manifested a potent schizonticidal effect, observed between 5 and 11 days post treatment. Disappearance of erythrocytic forms (EF) took long, ranging from 6 to 34 days post treatment. Differences on efficacy between halofuginone lactate tablets and solution were not observed. The use of furosemide (Dimazon, Hoechst) to promote diuresis in pulmonary oedema and streptomycin sulphate for control of secondary pulmonary infections, as supportive therapy measures, enhanced recovery from ECF. A recovery rate of 96% was recorded. Relapses were not observed.[1]


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