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Effects of beta-agonists on b- and c-waves implicit for adrenergic mechanisms in cat retina.

Nylidrin (buphenine) is a beta-adrenergic agonist known to dilate peripheral vessels and used therapeutically in retinal degeneration and glaucoma. We studied retinal function under beta-agonists in arterially perfused cat eyes and observed a dose-dependent, reversible increase in b-wave amplitude and a decrease in c-wave amplitude in concentrations from 4.5 to 120 microM. A half maximal response was obtained at 40 to 50 microM. The optic nerve response to light showed dose-dependent reversible changes under nylidrin. Standing potential, light peak, intraocular pressure, vascular resistance, and diameter of or retinal vessels showed no consistent changes under nylidrin. The effect were inhibited by each of the beta-blocking agents propranolol, ICI 118, and oxprenolol (in sequence of decreasing potency). Another potent beta 2-agonist, clenbuterol, was used to determine the extent to which the responses to nylidrin were due to beta-receptor-mediated action. Clenbuterol had similar effects on the b-wave and optic nerve response at slightly higher concentrations (30 200 microM) but more variable effects on the c-wave. The data are interpreted as functional evidence that beta-adrenergic mechanisms are involved in retinal signal processing. This concept is corroborated by identification of beta-adrenergic binding sites in cat retina (Bruinink et al., 1986).[1]


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