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Chemical Compound Review

Trasicor     1-(propan-2-ylamino)-3-(2- prop-2...

Synonyms: Trasacor, Coretal, Koretal, Laracor, Tevacor, ...
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  • As in CHO-beta 3 cells, the classical beta 1- and beta 2-antagonists CGP12177, oxprenolol, and pindolol were partial agonists in adipocytes [20].
  • This was achieved by determining: 1) the effect of oxprenolol (0.3 mg/kg), a potent beta receptor blocking agent possessing no significant direct membrane effects on the myocardium, on the dose of ouabain necessary to cause VT (i.e., the toxic dose); and 2) whether oxprenolol had antirrhythmic efficacy against preexisting VT [21].
  • Our results suggest that enantioselective interactions of the chiral oxprenolol with the chiral lipids of biological membranes can be excluded [22].
  • The intrinsic activities of alprenolol, oxprenolol and pindolol (expressed as % of the maximal tissue response to isoprenaline) were significantly higher in the uterus than in the right atrium.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[23]
  • 3. Absorption of oxprenolol occurred throughout the GI tract including the colon [24].

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