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The effect of age, weight-related parameters and hormonal contraceptives on andrological assays.

Serum levels of dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate (DHEA-S), testosterone ( T), sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), T/SHBG ratio and the calculated free T were evaluated in healthy female blood donors. The influence of age and weight-related parameters were studied together with the effects of 9 different oral contraceptives. A gradual decrease with age of DHEA-S, T, T/SHBG and free T levels were observed. The Quetelet index showed a significant negative correlation with the androgen levels except for the T/SHBG ratio. In the females using contraceptives, DHEA-S levels were only significantly decreased in the group using Depo-provera. Most contraceptive users had slightly lowered T levels. Marvelon and Ministat induced an increase in the SHBG levels. Androstenedione (A) levels were studied for some of the contraceptives (Ministat, Marvelon, Lyndiol, Depoprovera); levels were found to be significantly lower than in normal premenopausal women. A highly significant correlation was demonstrated between DHEA-S and the T, T/SHBG and free T levels in the serum of 106 normal women.[1]


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