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Inhibition by retinoic acid of murine retrovirus-induced cellular transformation and tumor formation.

The effect of all-trans-retinoic acid (RA) on cellular transformation and on tumorigenicity of retrovirally transformed cells was investigated. RA treatment of NRK and NIH/3T3 cells transformed by BALB/c murine sarcoma virus (MuSV), Kirsten murine sarcoma virus (K-MuSV), and simian sarcoma virus resulted in a significant reduction in anchorage-dependent growth of only K-MuSV-transformed NRK cells. A 62% reduction in cell number was observed at 10(-5) M RA. In contrast, anchorage-independent growth induced by each of the viruses tested was suppressed by RA. Balb/cMSV3T3 cells showed the greatest level of sensitivity with a significant reduction in anchorage-independent growth occurring at 10(-9) M RA. The level of cytoplasmic retinoic acid-binding protein (CRABP) was determined in both parent and transformed cell lines. CRABP was present at a high level in all 3T3 cell types but was absent in all NRK cell lines. For testing the antineoplastic activity of RA in vivo, Balb/cMSV3T3 cells were injected intradermally into nude mice. Subsequent treatment of the tumor sites of these animals by topical application of RA resulted in a significant reduction in both tumor incidence and tumor size, confirming the in vitro results. Analysis of the level of v-onc mRNA revealed that inhibition of retroviral transformation by RA was not due to a decrease in transcription of the v-onc genes.[1]


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